Xian Saunas

Jin Xiu Quan 锦绣泉浴池
Nanguangji Lu 51

Ming De Sauna
Ming De Men Rd

Gan Lin Yuan Bath and Massage Center 丰禾路甘霖园浴池
2 Xing Huo Road

Da Tong Yuan Bath House 大同园浴池
Dong Da Jie Lu 386

Bei Ou Guan
123 Dong Xin Jie. Men's sauna situated opposite to Industrial and Commercial Bank, 50m east of Dong Xin Jie Night Market and within 100m of Xiao Dong Dung Men in Xian City. Difficult to find primarily because it has absolutely no signage in front. Clean, comfortable, and good service. You enter a small room, pay at the cashier near the main door, deposit your shoes at the counter then your things in a locker. Medium-sized towels provided. Immediately after the locker area are stairs going to B/F where the rest of the sauna is located. There are about 8 big-sized beds/sofas that customers use to lie down to watch a large TV. Go straight and you'll find a dimly lit shower area with hot and cold water. Go to the left and you'll find about five cabins with beds. Free tea and drinking water. Feel at home without disturbance where you may relax and make new friends. Bus routes: 10(903), 14, 22, 32, 33, 46, 232, 309, 502, 527, 606, 706, 710, 721.

Jin Xiu Quan
Look for a black cloth in a glass door entrance, just to the left side of a shop with a bright, yellowish sign written in Chinese as 锦绣泉. Once you enter, stairs will lead you down to a small reception table where you pay Y$15 day rate or Y$20 when entering after 10pm. You'll be given a key to a locker where you deposit your things. Across the street from In.D, discreetly hidden between two clothing shops. About the same size as Bei Ou Guan in compactness and has a steady clientele even on weekdays, probably because it's very near In.D bar. Open 24 hours.

Massage and Spa

Gay-SKY Massage
Email, (0) 180-1917-7815. 24 hour outcall massage service. Their masseurs are young, professionally trained, skillful, and know exactly how to manage men's special needs to help you stay healthy and balanced. Treatments include their signature relaxation massage, four-hand massage, yin-yang harmony, and more. They offer a free membership so you may register to enjoy more preferential treatment. Full service consumer support for convenient bank card online payments.

Qiang Wei Zu Yu
Qiang Wei Hotel (topmost floor) Look for the big Parkson's Store on Dong Dajie which is directly in front of the Datayshi bus station. On Dong Dajie, from the Zhong Lou (Bell Tower), Datayshi Station is the 3rd station going to Dongmen (East Gate). Immediately beside Parkson's is Shangjian Lu. Walk along that street until you get to Dong 1 Lu and you will see the hotel on your right. It's in the same building as 7 Days Inn. Go inside the lobby, straight to the elevators to the topmost floor. The massage will be in a private air-conditioned room with a toilet. All the masseurs will be paraded to your room for your picking. Ask a local to come with you as the manager hardly speaks English.

Six Standing Woods Handsome Guys Bar (Liu Li Mu Junnan Jiuba)