Travel Safety In China

Firstly, try to get as much information on the weather and sanitation of your destination as possible before departure.
Secondly, comprehensive travel insurance in your country before departure is recommended.
Finally, contact with your guide for help during in China.

1. Malaria. Take an anti-malarial drug 4-6 weeks before your trip

2. Infectious diseases. Inoculation is recommended before departure.

3. Drink more water during the trip. It can reduce the probability of gastrointestinal discomfort and infection by germs.

4. Get up and have movements from time to time for patients with ischemic heart disease and hypertension.

5. Wash hands often and do not handle animals to prevent rabies and diarrhea.

6. Enjoy sunbath to relieve jet lag after arrival

7. Sleep adequately to reduce the probability of blood pressure problems, acne and black rim of eyes.

8. Soak feet in warm water or take feet massage after long walk.

9. Protect your skin with good preparation as the climate and temperature changes.

10. Chew gum and yawn to reduce the tinnitus while aircraft taking off and landing. But for tourist with bad cold, treat it before departure.

11. Get up every hour and do simple stretching exercises to prevent body aching and edema of lower extremity in plane. Besides, light massage on calf, neck and back is also useful during you long plane flight.

12. Prepare the enough medications with a list of both the trade name and the generic name of each and instructions on how to take them. Besides, for legal reasons, some drugs are controlled substances, such as pain killers, so you need to carry your prescription medications in their original prescription bottles with a note from your doctor outlining the need for you to carry these.