Beatles Bar
No. 67, 3rd Section Western First Ring Rd, near Mianyang Hotel. Gay bar for drinks and relaxing. Mixed ages.

MC Club
1/F Haicheng Dasha, Tianxian Qiao Bei Rd, 8666-6029, 135-5367-4529. North street of Tianxian Bridge (6) (tianxian qiao bei jie 24 hao). Set back from the main road down a driveway at the base of the Haicheng Bld. You can see a Sports center sign from the road. MC sauna is below it and the bar is beyond it, around the corner. Large gay club with patio seating facing the river and large indoor seating with bar and small stage for performances. This is the happening gay club in Chengdu. Opens about 9pm and runs until very early in the morning. Packed on weekends. Free show. Entry is cheaper before 8pm.成都市天仙桥北路6号(东门大桥旁)海成大厦1楼

Mu Di Di (Destination)
Ge Lin Pu Lan Te (Green Planet Hotel), 63 Huaxingdong St. Look for the round, red Budweiser sign on the 2/F exterior of the hotel. A beautifully designed gay bar and karaoke club.

Bian Zou (Variation Bar)
3/F 1st Club Jiuba, Hongxing Rd Erduan. Ask your taxi driver to go to the Bowling Hall near the Wanfujing Shopping Centre 万福井 in Zongfu Rd 总府路. When you are outside the main door of the bowling center, walk east on the street parallel to Zongfu Lu towards Hongxing Rd. 100m ahead, at the crossroad with Hongxing Rd, you will find this place on your righthand side. Another simple way to get there is to get to the crossroad between Zongfu Rd, Dacisi Rd and Hongxing Rd Erduan, and walk north on the western sidewalk of Hongxing Rd Erduan. You will see the glittering sign for "1st Club Jiuba" on your left hand side. Take elevator to 3/F and get ready for one of Chendu's most exotic experiences. Before the show, male staff in street clothes parade on stage ("What are they doing?" we asked. "Rehearsing," explained the hostess.) and then eagerly chat up customers who are urged to buy drinks for them (no thanks). The show itself, while a few decades behind Bangkok cabaret, has been updated with new routines, better costumes and some amazingly professional dancers. Don't sit near the front unless you want to become part of hostess' comedy schtick. As soon as the show ends the drag queens get changed into "Priscilla" style clothes and head to another gig. 一加一酒吧 红星路二段

Journey of Romance Bar
No. 23, 3rd Section Renminzhong Rd.