A Worldwide List of Gay Pride Events in September, October,and November

By:Andrew Colins  Gay&Lesbian Expert

August 2014 Gay Pride

1.Late August toearly September: Atlanta Black Pride/In The Life Atlanta.

2.Late August toearly September: Bahamas Gay Pride/Freeport Grand Bahama GayPride.

3.Late August toearly September: Burning Man Gay Pride/Gay Pride at BurningMan.

4.Late August toearly September: Calgary Gay Pride.

5.Late August toearly September: Oakland Gay Pride.

6.Late August toearly September: Southern Decadence/Gay New Orleans LaborDay Weekend.

September 2014 Gay Pride

1.Early September: Las Vegas Gay Pride.

2.Early September: Mankato Gay Pride/South Central Minnesota Gay Pride.

3.Early September: Lincoln City Gay Pride/Oregon Coast GayPride/Iris Pride Festival.

4.Early September: Roanoke Gay Pride/Pride in the Park.

5.Early September: Salt Spring Island Gay Pride (BC,Canada)/Gulf Islands Gay Pride.

6.Early September: Worcester Gay Pride (MA).

7.Mid-September: Athens Georgia Gay Pride.

8.Mid-September: Boulder Gay Pride/Boulder PrideFest.

9.Mid-September: Burlington Gay Pride/Vermont GayPride/Vermont Northern Decadence.

10.Mid-September: Chula Vista Gay Pride (CA)/South Bay GayPride.

11.Mid-September: Folsom Street Fair Europe/Folsom StreetFair Berlin.

12.Mid-September: Humboldt Gay Pride (CA)/Eureka GayPride/Arcata Gay Pride.

13.Mid-September: Outer Banks Gay Pride (NC)/Nags Head GayPride/Manteo Gay Pride.

14.Mid-September: Savannah Pride Fest/Savannah Gay Pride.

15.Mid-September: Upstate South Carolina GayPride/Spartanburg Gay Pride (SC).

16.Mid- to lateSeptember: Austin Gay Pride.

17.Mid-to lateSeptember: Bluegrass BlackPride/Lexington KY Gay Black Pride.

18.Mid- to late September: Brisbane Gay Pride.

19.Mid- to lateSeptember: Dallas Gay Pride/Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade.

20.Mid- to lateSeptember: Folsom Street Fair San Francisco.

21.Mid- to lateSeptember: New Haven Gay Pride/Connecticut Gay Pride.

22.Mid- to lateSeptember: Pasadena Gay Pride/Inland Empire GayPride/San Gabriel Valley Gay Pride.

23.Mid- to lateSeptember: Peterborough Gay Pride (Ontario).

24.Late September: Curacao Gay Pride.

25.Late September: Fort Collins Gay Pride/Northern ColoradoPrideFest.

26.Late September: Moab Utah Gay Pride/Moab Gay Adventure Week.

27.Late September: North Carolina Pride/Durham GayPride/Raleigh Gay Pride.

28.Late September: Sedona Gay Pride/Verde Valley GayPride/Pride on the Rocks.

29.Late September: Virginia Gay Pride/Midlothian GayPride/Richmond Gay Pride.

30.Late September: Wichita Gay Pride.

October2014 Gay Pride

1.Early October: Blue Ridge Pride/Asheville Gay Pride.

2.Early October: Dallas Black Gay Pride/Dallas SouthernPride.

3.Early October: Fort Worth Gay Pride/Tarrant County GayPride.

4.Early October: Jacksonville Gay Pride.

5.Early October: Little Rock Gay Pride/Arkansas GayPride/Little Rock PrideFest.

6.Early tomid-October: Ashland Gay Pride/Southern Oregon Gay Pride.

7.Early tomid-October: Atlanta Gay Pride.

8.Early tomid-October: Baltimore Black GayPride.

9.Early tomid-October: Fort Myers Gay Pride/Southwest FloridaPride.

10.Early tomid-October: Oceanside Gay Pride/North County Gay Pride(CA)/Pride at the Beach.

11.Early tomid-October: Orlando Gay Pride.

12.Mid-October: Memphis Gay Pride/Mid-South Gay Pride.

13.Mid-October: Oklahoma Black Gay Pride/Oklahoma City GayBlack Pride.

14.Mid-October: Fall Splash Padre Island/Padre Island GayPride.

15.Mid-October: Pride in the Desert/Tucson Gay Pride.

16.Mid- to lateOctober: Bakersfield Gay Pride.

17.Mid- to lateOctober: Dunedin GayPride/North Pinellas Pride (FL).

18.Mid- to lateOctober: Gainesville GayPride Festival (FL)/Gay Picnic.

19.Mid- to lateOctober: Outoberfest/Jackson Gay Pride (MS).

20.Mid- to lateOctober: Osaka Gay Pride/Kansai Rainbow Parade(Japan).

21.Mid- to lateOctober: Sarasota Gay Pride.

22.Mid- to lateOctober: South Carolina Gay Pride/Columbia Pride.

23.Mid October toMid-November: Glasgay LGBT Arts Festival/Glasgow GayPride.

24.Late October: Eureka Springs Fall DiversityWeekend/Eureka Springs Gay Pride.

25.Late October: Jersey City Gay Pride/Hudson Pride.

26.Late October: Johannesburg Pride South Africa.

27.Late October: Nashville Gay Black Pride.

28.Late October: Riverside Gay Pride/Inland Empire Gay Pride.

29.Late October: Taiwan GayPride/Taipei Gay Pride.

November 2014 Gay Pride

1.Early November: Palm Springs Gay Pride.

2.Early tomid-November: Buenos Aires Marchadel Orqullo/Buenos Aires Gay Pride/Argentina Gay Pride.

3.Early tomid-November: Perth PrideFest/Perth Gay Pride/WesternAustralia Gay Pride.

4.Mid-November: Rio de Janeiro Gay Pride.

5.Mid- to lateNovember: Adelaide Feast Festival/Adelaide Lesbianand Gay Cultural Festival.

6.Mid- to lateNovember: Bengaluru Gay Pride(India).

7.Late November: Hong Kong Gay Pride.